To make Lincoln Park High School the #1 Choice for our neighborhood families

Educate our community about the strengths of LPHS, including its academic and extra-curricular programs
Engage our community with LPHS - its activities, facilities and students
Support Lincoln Park High School in carrying out its Vision and Mission

We are working vigorously to create a new reality about everything that is LPHS.  Working together with all relevant stakeholders including community leaders, teachers, administration and students, we have created a mission and vision strategically aligned to improve awareness of LPHS, inform neighborhood families of school success and support the on-going needs of our students.

Which committee sounds right for you?
Marketing and PR Committee 

Communication plans for schools and community

Develop video and written PR as well as marketing materials
Community Outreach Committee

Build community involvement in LPHS

Bridge the elementary schools to the high school

Bring awareness to the high school programs that elementary schoolchildren would be interested in partaking
Facilities and Fundraising

Work with LPHS faculty to determine short term facilities improvements

Seek out grants that might be available for specific projects

Seek out public and private dollars for fundraising