Programming at LPHS


A Tailored Curriculum

From day one, ALL of our students are immersed in the IB learning approach

In December 2012, LPHS was named one of CPS’s Wall-to-Wall International Baccalaureate (IB) Schools.   Access to the IB curriculum framework and methodology for ALL students, an important component of the Wall-to-Wall IB model, was achieved in May of 2015 with the IB’s authorization of LPHS’s IB Middle Years Program (MYP). In the MYP, ALL 9th and 10th graders are introduced to the IB MYP approach to learning which emphasizes intellectual challenge, encouraging students to make connections between their studies in traditional subjects and the real world. These connections are made through exploration of the MYP Global Contexts which include the following six “real world connection” categories: Identities and Relationships, Orientation in Space and Time, Personal and Cultural Expression, Scientific and Technical Innovation, Globalization and Sustainability, and Fairness and Development.

In the 10th grade, the Global Contexts are explored further in the MYP Personal Project, an opportunity for all 10th grade students to research and complete a project about a topic of personal interest. All IB programs place importance on the skill of personal reflection, and the MYP Personal Project is an experience during which all students practice this skill. Further development of personal reflection skills continue in the 11th and 12 grades with the IB Diploma Program Extended Essay and the IB Career- related Program Reflective Project.

Another aspect of the IB that unifies the LPHS Wall-to-Wall experience is the importance that all IB programs place on skill-building. The skill-building thread, inherent in all IB subjects and all IB programs, is articulated through the IB Approaches to Learning (ATL). Also a required component of our Wall-to-Wall initiative, interdisciplinary teaching and learning interlaces two or more IB subjects together, emphasizing authentic connections across the curriculum. The all-school approach to the IB involves the entire faculty and requires a total school commitment. Over 90% of our faculty has been trained by the IB Organization, ensuring a common understanding of the IB philosophy and approach to learning for all students.

The IB philosophy provides a heightened level of academic intensity and curriculum quality which research has shown is remarkably significant in producing momentum toward success in college. Learning in the IB better prepares all students for accelerated study and college level classes in the 11th and 12th grades with access to AP classes, individual subject IB classes, the IB Career-related Program, and the full IB Diploma Programme.

The IB Diploma Programme (DP) is a four-year accelerated and comprehensive international curriculum with close articulation between subjects and year levels and an emphasis on problem solving and integration of knowledge. The IB Diploma Programme requires students to take classes and be examined in six subject groups they have studied over four years: Language A (literature written or translated into English), Language B (a second language), Social Sciences, Experimental Sciences, Mathematics, Arts and Electives.

In addition, students take a two-year inter-disciplinary course (Theory of Knowledge), write an independent research Extended Essay of 4,000 words, and participate in creative, action and service (CAS) activities. LPHS has the oldest IB program in Chicago and one of the most successful in the world.

In a student's junior and senior year, s/he may take college level Advanced Placement (AP) and IB Subject classes. Students are able to select 4 years of English, History, Science, Math and French, Spanish, or Arabic. They may also elect to participate in our award winning vocal music and instrumental music programs or visual arts classes.

Students do not have to be in all Double Honors (HH) classes; schedules are developed with consideration for a student’s total academic load. Qualified students from the attendance area and the various Performing Arts Programs may also be scheduled into HH classes.

LPHS offers 20+ AP classes and has one of the largest and most successful AP programs in Chicago. LPHS will continue to expand course offerings from the IB curriculum to further enhance, enrich and extend academic opportunities for our students.

If interested and qualified, students may access the IB Career-related Program in Performance Music or ROTC for junior and senior year. If qualified, (based on appropriate success in requisite courses), students can enter the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme from our other Programs at the end of grade 9 or the IB Diploma Program at the end of grade 10.

Performing Arts - Drama, Vocal Music, Band and Orchestra

The Drama Program allows the students to study drama and acting within the context of a college prep curriculum. Drama I includes the study of public speaking, oral interpretation of classical literature, improvisation and the study of classic American plays. Drama II studies history of the theater (both Western and non-Western), acting techniques and schools. Drama III and Drama IV study production, directing and theater management. 

The Vocal Music and Instrumental (Band and Orchestra) Music Programs reflect a long tradition of music excellence and achievement within the context of a college prep school. The music curriculum is designed to provide the serious music student with the opportunity and challenge of advancing and extending their talents over a fully articulated four-year program. In addition, music majors are required to take a year of Music Theory and participate in school performances.


Vocal Beginning Girls, Intermediate Girls, Advanced Girls, Beginning Male, Intermediate Male, Advanced Mixed, LPHS Singers

Band Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, Concert, Marching, Jazz

Orchestra Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, Chamber, String Ensemble.